„Groove!“ 2013

Groove! is a fun little metronome app for the iPhone or iPod touch. It was designed by Tom Reinert to be simple and fast as well as highly accurate. I’ve done the development of the app in January 2013. One of challenges of realizing Tom’s vision was to keep the timing of the audio output as precise as possible. I’ve achived this by using the AudioUnits technology of iOS CoreAudio framework.

Technologies: iOS 6, Core Animation, Core Audio, Audio Units

Beautiful Pixels : “Groove’s USP, in my opinion, is its sleek, suave look. The UI looks extremely spiffy and you can quickly set the required beat and hit play. […] Not only can you set up a standard 4/4 beat, but you can even opt for odd ones like 13/8, 12/16. […] I can say from first hand experience that having a metronome on your iPhone really helps. Groove works great.”

Music App Blog: “Groove! Metronome does its job with a minimum of fuss but a maximum of class. […] One would expect a metronome app to keep good time but cross-checking Groove! Metronome against some other digital metronomes suggested it was rock solid. […] So, if you want to have a top-notch metronome available to you in an instant, then get your Groove! Metronome on”